Objectives and Key Results

It is a framework for setting medium-term goals (Objective) and their evaluation (Key Results). The target is usually set for 12-18 months. It can be used as an alternative for KPIs and is particularly useful for agile teams. It promotes team collaboration, a safe environment, but also ownership of the goals within the teams. How

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Scrum Master

One of the members of the Scrum team. His goal is to introduce the Scrum framework to his teams, but also to spread and understand agility elsewhere in the company. Some of his responsibilities include training team members, removing obstacles in the team’s work, and facilitating team ceremonies. The goal of the Scrum Master is,

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Agile Coach

What is an Agile Coach? Today, there is no unified view of this question across the entire market, so we will try to explain several possible views on the role of Agile Coach. Which interpretation of this role a particular company decided to use can sometimes be deduced, sometimes you have to ask. Here are

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