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Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is not just a change of processes and organizational structure, but above all a change of the corporate culture.

IT & Business Professionals

We carefully select team members who excel in their expertise and approach. We are very fastidious.


The motivation for introducing an agile approach to a company is usually not the theory of agile approaches itself.


We will provide you with objective feedback and recommend further development in the field of agility.

This is what we believe in

Maximum Quality

When we do something, we do it right. We are not interested in mediocre solutions.

Hands on Experience

Strong theoretic background is nice, but we value real experience much higher.

Top Talent Acquisition

We are borderline paranoid when selecting new colleagues. It pays off.

Personal Growth

Nobody is perfect, of course. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

Who we are

Jan Šrámek, Lucid Bay Digital, Enterprise Agile Coach

Jan Šrámek – founder of Lucid Bay Digital s.r.o.

Jan Šrámek is an enterprise agile coach with experience in agile from both corporate companies and startups. The approach to agile transformations, but also to training, is based primarily on practical experience, where he worked for approximately 7 years as an analyst and later as an architect in development teams in the financial sector. He has experienced a number of changes that agility and agile transformation bring about himself. He is a signatory of the Agnostic agile principles. As an agile coach he prefers setting agility according to the context in your company, instead of a dogmatic approach according to the guide. Honza’s strength is diplomacy, but also great patience, which allows him to work with agility even with relatively strong personalities. In addition to experience in the SW development environment, Honza also gained a number of experiences in the field of agility in business, the human resources department, finance, management coaching and others. He strives to use the principles and rules it recognizes with other employees and collaborators at Lucid Bay Digital. He projects a number of agile principles into the functioning of Lucid Bay Digital, so we live the things we recommend ourselves.

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