Agile Transformation

What Are the Benefits of Agile Transformation for You?

Agile transformation is not just a change of processes and organizational structure, but above all a change of the corporate culture. That is why it is extremely important to set the right expectations. The scope of the changes will we make together with you in your company is based on them. We will be happy to help you define these expectations (they are different for different companies) and help you avoid the wrong ones. What are some examples of the right expectations?

  • we want to learn how to deliver products that make more sense to customers (identify the needs of customer, deliver in smaller meaningful units and verify feedback)
  • we want to respond flexibly to the changing needs of our customers while minimizing losses if we ever go the wrong way
  • we need to connect our IT and business
  • some departments in our company tend to compete with each other and do not cooperate (so-called silos), we need help to change it
  • we want to eliminate / reduce waste in the delivery of our products

Agile transformation can be implemented in virtually any company, regardless of the field in which the company is engaged. We will be happy to suggest what will bring more value to your company with regard to your field of business.

What is the Course of Agile Transformation?

Every company is different and therefore the expectations from the transformation and their progress vary too. Therefore, there are no precise guidelines that can be used anywhere. Here are some key steps to give you a better idea about the process:

  • Setting the expectations – first we need to make sure we agree on what agile transformation is supposed to bring us.
  • Working with the top management – in order for the transformation to be successful, it is essential that the company’s top management is involved in the transformation, knows the expectations and supports this change. It is also necessary to work with the top management during the transformation so that its members know how the change in the functioning and corporate culture will be reflected in their work.
  • Evolution instead of revolution – It is not appropriate to make agile transformations with a big bang. It is a good practice to first set up one or a few teams well, evaluate the results based on how they perform and then decide what to do next. The aim is to identify the risks associated with transformation as soon as possible and on a smaller scale.
  • Team structure design – If you already have one or more agile teams, it is possible to start designing the agile transformation of the company. We will prepare a proposal for the creation of agile teams and the method of their cooperation. So-called scaling frameworks (LeSS, Nexus, SaFe,…) are often used to set up a whole-company agile approach. We will help you with the selection and customization of a suitable framework that will help you achieve the expectations from the transformation.
  • Training and development of teams – Together with you, we will form agile teams and conduct their training. Teams that do not yet have any experience with the agile approach usually need the supervision of an experienced scrum master / agile coach. If you do not have one, we will help you recruit one from the market or raise your scrum master from among your people. We can also help you with the education of product owners. Our goal is for you to become self-sufficient as soon as possible.
  • Support departments in the company – The production parts of the company are usually changed first and support departments such as the HR department (performance management, changes in recruitment requirements,…), finance department (financing of agile teams) and other departments are added gradually, .
  • Communication is essential throughout the entire transformation process. It needs to be frequent and transparent so that people in your company know what awaits them.
  • We continuously evaluate the results of our performance and based on that, we propose action steps to be taken next.
Agile Transformation steps

How can we help you with agile transformation?

We prefer to work on-site in your company alongside your employees. We want to see how the proposed changes work and also be able to react if we need to iterate with the settings.

We emphasize that proposals for changes during transformations come from your people as much as possible, and we rather help to maintain the direction of agile management, or help where the implementation of changes without greater experience with agility is difficult. To give you an idea, you will find several of our services during agile transformations, but we also welcome any new challenges with which we can help you.

  • Leading and implementing agile transformation across all departments in the company
  • Deliver people to agile transformation teams or development teams
  • Tailor-made agile training for agile work, whether we train company management, team members, scrum masters or product owners
  • Leadership coaching in agile management
  • Coaching and mentoring your teams
  • Facilitation of workshops to set expectations from agility with company management
  • Independent assessment of the state of agile management in your company
  • Agility in company support departments – e.g. HR, Risk, Back Office and more

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