Jan Šrámek

Product vision and its meaning. Long-term goal.

Product vision and how to get started

Do you work in your team with a vision? When we ask this question in different teams, it turns out that it is far from obvious. At the same time, a well-formulated vision can significantly motivate your people in teams and help them own the business goals of your team. So let’s take a brief

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Unnecessary costs - why are we afraid to save?

Why are we afraid to save? 

When you ride a dead horse, dismount! (old Indian proverb) In many companies today, there is still a culture where it does not pay to openly admit a fail. People are affraid that open communicating about bad customer feedback will be seen as a personal failure by their colleagues or company management. And they also

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Will I save money if I fire Scrum Masters?

Will I save money if I release Scrum Masters? 

 During difficult times, many companies begin to look for potential savings. And where to save is always different. When a developer leaves, I won’t have a finished application, but what happens if the Scrum Master leaves? The work of the Scrum Master Team is usually reflected in the results of the work of the entire team. 

Senior Agile Coach

What good is a senior agile coach to me? 

In connection with the transition to an agile way of functioning in companies, new roles have appeared, to which we are gradually getting used to. Roles such as Scrum Master or Product Owner are already quite established. It’s no secret that we can find their description in the Scrum Guide. But what good is a

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How much agile transfrormation cost

How much does agile transformation cost

Have you ever wondered how much agile transformation costs? Let’s take a look at what might appear on your receipt when you get started. The goal of today’s article is not to discourage you, nor to provide a detailed price budget. Rather, we want to give you information on what you may need to focus

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kanban board

How to set up a Kanban board for a team?

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up a Kanban board for your team, you might find this article useful with a little bit of our experience. Before we start explaining the Kanban board, it is good to realize that Kanban should not be limited to a dashboard in your team. The real valuable thing

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When go with mentoring?

When to go with mentoring?

Mentoring It is said that the best way to start something is to throw a person into the water and start swimming. But how to help not to drown, not to have bad habits and learn to swim effectively? Sometimes you just need a handbook, sometimes the experience of a more senior colleague is needed.

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Are your agile teams product or project teams?

Are your agile teams product or project teams?

One of the expectations associated with the adoption of agility may be that all members of an agile team consider their team’s business goals to be their own. And because team members own these goals, they also proactively participate in achieving them. You might think, “Nice idea, but this is hardly going to work for

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