Product Owner

Who is the Product Owner? He is a member of the Scrum team and his job is to maximize the value delivered by the Scrum team. This means that he is not a simple recipient and implementer of requirements from the others. He actively makes sure that the team solves only those requests that have value for the customer. For every request, even the smallest one, he is able to say why this request should be made and why this particular request has priority.

You can find a detailed description of the Product Owner position as viewed by Scrum in the Scrum guide.

Responsibilities of Product Owner

  • Preparing the vision and explaining it to the team, but also discussing it with stakeholders 
  • Preparation of the product backlog in the required quality and on time 
  • Prioritization of backlog items 
  • Determination of stakeholders’ expectations, but also communication of the team’s results towards stakeholders, stakeholder management 
  • Connecting the team with customers and their expectations


A good product owner has knowledge of the product he is in charge of and the market where the product is sold. It is useful to have at least a basic overview of how the SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle works. The ability to define a product vision and share it with the team is also a fairly key skill. A well-defined and properly communicated vision goes a long way in motivating your team and helping the team own the product’s business goals.

What is not responsibility of Product Owner

  • team management, 
  • micromanagement, 
  • implementation of Scrum and agility in the team
  • line control 

He is a partner of the Scrum master. It is not a senior position in the team, like Scrum master. The responsibility of the Product Owner may also vary depending on the scaling framework used in the company.