lMindmap – What should a good scrum master/agile coach be able to do?

Mindmap – What should a good scrum master/agile coach be able to do?

What should a good scrum master be able to do? Although Scrum is clearly associated with one particular framework, in many companies Kanban is represented in tens of percent of teams, elsewhere they also use Lean Startup or parts of it, for this people learn to coach, mentor, facilitate, talk to the company management and many other things. That’s why I personally see a good scrum master / agile coach as being more versatile and able to use other methodologies, frameworks, communication techniques and tools that he needs (no matter what we call his role). I have tried to project some of these development opportunities into the mindmap that you will find in this article.

The division into junior, standard and senior in the picture below should be seen only as a working one, in order to distinguish what people can gradually focus on during their development.

  • On the right side of the picture you will find what the scrum master / agile coach does at each seniority level
  • On the left side you can find some tips on what to look at and what experience is good to have or gain at each level of seniority

If you need help with any of the mentioned development areas, contact jan.sramek@lucidbaydigital.com and we will agree on a consultation, appropriate training or procedure for development. Alternatively, if you would like to adjust the mindmap (XMind) according to the context in your company, you can write about it to the same address.

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