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In companies where we focus on agile transformations, customers often deal with how to fill the roles of product owners. The most common way to recruit future product owners is from within your own organisation. The role from which the product owner applies is different. Sometimes they are product or project managers, sometimes analysts, sometimes IT team leaders. And each of these roles gives its owners certain knowledge, experience and habits, which then influences their behavior in the new role. At the same time, it also indicates what else the future product owner should develop in.

Roles to learn from

Product owner is a role that is quite complex and at the same time the success and motivation of the team depends on it. And so, similar to scrum masters, it is necessary to gain additional experience, not only in the field of hardskills, but also in softskills. Training in Scrum methodology alone is usually not enough.

In the article about Product vision, you can also see how you and your team can develop a product vision.

Product owner - roles to learn from

And what not to take into the role of Product Owner?

managing people in a team – although some teams are initially used to assigning tasks, the product owner will rather need to devote time to preparing the vision and working with the customer and stakeholders. A Scrum Master will help you create a more self-sufficient team.

long-term precise scope planning in advance – a long-term and precise plan unfortunately often does not keep up with the pace of today’s times. Recent years have been full of examples of how quickly the market situation is changing. And the indisputable business advantage is to be able to respond flexibly to these changes.

If you are interested in the mindmap from the article and want to customize it for the needs of your company, do not hesitate to write to us about it (the source is in xmind format). And if you’d like to learn more about the product owner’s craft, you can also write to us about the Product owners Basics training.

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