Muda or 7 Types of Waste in Software Production

Muda or 7 Types of Waste in Software Production

Anyone who has ever dealt with Lean has probably encountered seven types of waste (Muda). Lean was originally created in Toyota for industrial manufacturing. That’s why it was initially harder for me to understand how I could apply this kind of waste to software production.

Personally, an article on the website helped me a lot a few years ago. I started to collect more examples of waste, which I sorted into different categories. I came to the conclusion that such an overview would benefit every Scrum Master (and not just him). If you think about the structure of waste types, it will be easier for you to find their occurrence in your teams.

Take a look at the table of 7 types of waste, for each type there are always a few examples from the IT world.

Waiting for the subcontractor team to start addressing our request
Waiting for prioritization results
Waiting for the availability of the test environment
Waiting for accesses
Waiting for release
Types of Waste - InventoryAnalysis that we will need in the future (maybe)
Done but not deployed code
Unused tools and licenses
Preparation of extensive or duplicate documentation that is not used
Types of Waste - DefectsDefects in the production environment
Technical debt
Types of Waste - OverproductionProduction of more and more functionalities without ongoing customer feedback
Not cancelling a project/application that does not deliver value
Types of Waste - TransportationSending SW bugs between systems when searching a solution, sometimes without further analysis (now it’s not my issue….)
Frequent focus switching between many parallel projects and parallel tasks, broken focus
Passing the request between many subcontractors (internal and external)
Types of Waste - Over-processingToo strict rules for development (processes, methodology,…)
Verry complex workflow in JIRA that everyone only skips when the request is done and they want to close it
Too much focus on measurement and reporting
Types of Waste - MotionSending a completely finished request for approval back and forth over and over again
Meetings that do not add value
Distraction from work

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